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Our Step-by-Step Approach to Establishing and Maintaining Perfect Home Aquariums

Dozens of easily made mistakes could completely stall your first fish tank setup. We cover proven step-by-step processes to follow to avoid failures.

Scientifically Backed Published Research to Building Healthy Bacteria in Your Aquarium using the Newest Techniques

You’ll know the latest fast establishment strategies for a balanced and healthy nitrogen cycle in your aquarium. Your fish, plants and corals will enjoy their Perfect Home Aquarium similar to their natural environment.

A Community of People Like You That Have Your Back

As your experience matures and interests change to new fish species, plants and substrates of all kinds, your will have questions. We are here to help you and the community will help answer your questions and fix problems in no time flat.

A Growing Library of Articles to Help You Learn How to Succeed

With Perfect Home Aquarium you’re accessing articles and videos to help you quickly see success. You’ll never wonder how to tackle the next phase of your aquarist adventure.